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10 Simple Content Marketing Tips For Small Business

10 Simple Content Marketing Tips For Small Business

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve done your research on what content marketing is and you’re ready to find a way to execute (If not check out the post “What is content marketing“). Or maybe you’ve started your content and are having trouble creating enough content to deliver a steady stream to your customers. Here are 10 Simple Content Marketing Tips For Small Business owners and marketers to keep the content flowing.

Here’s the list of 10 Simple Content Marketing Tips For Small Business

To follow are 10 simple tips and tricks to help you develop great content and produce a steady flow for your customers. At this point it goes without saying that you need to have a regular stream of content being distributed through your online communication streams (such as your website, social media channels, email, forums, etc). But you also need good quality content so that when you do get someone to visit your site or read through your streams, you appear as a professional solution provider regardless of your product or service.

1. Create an editorial calendar

The first of 10 simple content marketing tips for small business, is making sure that you have enough content and that you deliver the content according to plan. You do this by creating an editorial calendar and being accountable to the dates you create in this document. The level of detail in the calendar can vary depending on your business size, the number of people involved in creating content and your goals for your content marketing campaigns. That being said, the calendar should include enough information to outline the pieces of content, when they should be published (to your website or other channels), what you’re trying to achieve with that content, and who should be doing it (if you have multiple team members).

2. Customer insights

Talk with your current customers/clients and find out why they used you and what solutions you provided to them. Not only will you gather information to improve your product, and build rapport with those customers, but you’ll end up with a tone of content. For example, your customers will provide problems you solved, testimonials (you should be asking for these anyway), competitor analysis, and much more. All of this information is great for starting your next article of blog post.

3. Case studies of your work

In relation to the previous point, create some case studies on your customers. Not only will they appreciate the publicity, but you’ll develop solid evidence in your product or service. Once you post these to your website to help your marketing in general share them through your networks. Case studies are a great way to create content for multiple channels and content that can be used for years to come.

4. Current sales material

If you’ve been running your business for a year or two, you’ve likely developed some sales material to use at trade shows or just in person to help potential customers get a feeling for what you provide. Guess what? More great content to share through your content marketing channels. You may want to re-purpose a little to make it good website content, but you’ve done the heavy lifting already.

5. Industry related news

As a business owner you’re likely keeping up to date on the news and events that are related to your industry. Believe it or not, your customers likely arn’t. This presents a great opportunity to share the news that you think your customers would like to hear about. This not only delivers value to your customers in the form of the news you share, but it also shows that you’re on top of things and invested in your businesses and industry.

6. Surveys

Surveys are a great way to get current and potential customers involved in your product or service. Developing surveys that are aimed towards helping you improve your business, and getting honest feedback, will provide you valuable insights. These insights will help you develop content to solve the customers problems, or give them a reason behind why something to do with your product or service is a certain way.

Understanding that the common perception of surveys are that they are annoying, there is a way to curate and deliver these surveys to minimize this perceived annoyance. Taking the time to do so will increase the number of replies you receive, as well as the quality of those replies. This is my favorite simple content marketing tips for small business, as it provides the biggest opportunity for content development that you know will be relevant to your audiences.


Part of content marketing is delivering value to your customers in the form of white papers or research documents and insights. In order to develop those pieces of content you need to perform research. What ever shape your research takes on, you will be left with insights that you can turn into any type of content. From reports with specific result data, to topics of interest to write about. Once again you should be performing a certain level of research as part of operating your business anyway, so use it for content as well as insight.

8. Give a point of view on someone else’s content

This tip requires that you’re reading content related to your business. If you are, and you should be, then write a response style letter or give a point of view on another person’s article. Just make sure that your point of view aligns with the business and delivers a politically correct tone. You can even link to the article to give your readers the chance to see the original article and draw their own conclusions.

9. Reuse topics from industry influencers

This tip is closely related to the above tip, but reusing topics is more in line with letting someone else do the thinking on what to write about and you developing your own, much better content on the same topic. You may be thinking this is stealing or a little black hat, but I assure there are many people on the web and you will never write about something new. So just do a better job than the last guy. To clarify I’m not saying copy and paste their content, I’m saying copy the subject of their article and write your views on that subject. For example, when Google makes an algorithm update, there’s more than one author that writes about its affect on small business website rankings.

10. Attend industry events

Depending on the nature of your business you may be at events every day of the week, or a couple trade-shows a year. These are great places to get ideas on article writing and to find out what your customers and competitors are doing. Use that to your advantage be creating content on topics discussed at the events. You can even create video footage of the event itself and share that if it aligns with your customers desires. For example, a 15 second video at a social summit, would show that you were there and are invested in developing your product or service.

Bonus: Product and/or services updates

It’s not really a bonus but it’s the 11th simple content marketing tips for small business. It’s also something you should be doing regardless, developing content about your product or service that your customers want to know about. You can even go as far as to generate content for the launch of a new feature or service offering to build buzz about it. Post a few pieces of content up to the release date then more content on the release date. The best part is that you know your product or service well, so creating content directly related to it should be easy.

I hope these 10 simple content marketing tips for small business will help you develop more great content for your content marketing campaigns. If you have others I’ve missed or are looking for some clarification on any o the 10 tips, let me know in the comments section below.

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