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5 Essential Small Business Marketing Strategies

5 Essential Small Business Marketing Strategies

Before you delve into the tactical minutiae of digital marketing, make sure you’ve developed these 5 essential small business marketing strategies. In doing so, you will have planned to succeed and ensure that your marketing is working to achieve the goals and objectives of your business.

Marketing Strategy

This is the big one. This is the strategy that provides a roadmap to your marketing success. Without planning to succeed your chances are greatly diminished. A good marketing strategy includes goals and objectives, customer segmentation, and the development of your marketing mix. We talk a lot about this in the podcast, and in our online communications. So tune in!

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Content marketing strategy

Understanding that you should be developing compelling and informative content to help generate an audience and prove that your product or service will help your potential customers, you should  develop a content marketing strategy. You content marketing strategy should outline what type of content and what type of result you wish to achieve for each of the content marketing phases. It will also outline the channels you wish to use and even the schedule to publish your content to.

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Social media strategy

Social media is no longer something your kids hang out on. It has become an integral part to businesses who market to an audience that is online more than ever. Your Social media strategy should shape the type of communications you wish to have with your potential customers, as well as the way in which you want to develop your online communities. It will also outline the channels you will use and a schedule for posting content and keeping in touch with your audience. Your social media strategy is especially important in setting a precedence to your community. As starting social media and delivering poor communication could potentially hurt your businesses reputation.

Email marketing strategy

As the single most effective online communication and marketing platform, email marketing should be part of your marketing mix. Regardless of business type or location, email can play a role in communicating and building your audience and customers base. Your email marketing strategy should outline the process you will take to communicate through mail as well as the process used to generate leads and nurture potential customers. As a major piece in automated marketing, your email marketing strategy could also include the processes of your marketing automation process, each step a customer would take, and how you interact along the way. Don’t forget to include marketing after the acquisition of a new customer through email. Helping your new customer, at the same time your marketing to them can be very effective.

Website strategy

Lastly, don’t forget your website strategy. You want to make sure that you have a plan to keep your website fresh and up to date, including both content and functionality. As you business grows your website should as well. As your website will be the main platform for your content marketing, you should include the development of your publishing platform, like updating and improving your blog, adding feature to allow visitors to stay in touch, keep your website reflecting your latest products and services. Over time your audience will become more intune with you and your business, so make sure you have a strategy in place to ensure that your website delivers on this.

There’s actually more than just 5 essential small business marketing strategies

As you can imagine there’s many more strategies that can be developed and implemented to guide your marketing efforts to success. The above 5 strategies however, are truly essential in getting started online and marketing your small business to a plan.

We’ll talk more about the many other strategies you can develop to ensure your marketing is effective in the podcast, as well as in future blog posts, but here’s a couple to think about:

  • Influencer marketing strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization strategy
  • advertising strategies
  • mobile marketing strategy
  • offline marketing strategies (we covered the 5 essential online strategies in this post – but don’t forget offline marketing)

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