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7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash Course

Own your own business? Wasting time and money trying the latest and greatest in marketing tactics?

Hi I’m Matt and I’ve been working with small businesses just like yours for over a decade. Not only that, but I’ve been involved in digital marketing since before Facebook was a thing, before YouTube filled the internet with Cat videos, and before Skype connected the globe.

Let me walk you through the development of a marketing strategy that focuses on a tactical mix that’s right for you, and your business.

In the FREE 7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash Course, I’ll show you exactly what you need to know and how to stop wasting time and money on tactics that just won’t work for your small business.

Most small business, and small marketing teams, make the fatal mistake of implementing tactical approaches to marketing before developing a solid road map to achieving the results they’re after.

Marketing, like any other thing in life, requires that you plan to succeed.

Developing a marketing strategy is that plan!

By the end of the 7 days you’ll have what you need to develop your next marketing strategy and a road map to marketing success for your small business.

It’s as easy as reading each days email, and applying what you learn.

I’ll also provide my Marketing Strategy Template FREE to help you as you work through the course!

The main reason for a Marketing Strategy

Most business owners, and some small business marketers, very rarely stop to review the progress of their marketing efforts until it’s too late. Usually a review of a campaign, or after a year’s worth of tactics, is when most marketers stop to review. By that point, all the time, effort and money has been spent. What’s worse is without a documented marketing strategy there’s no way tell if the tactics were successful or not.

Here in-lies the power of strategy – it’s simple – you have to plan to succeed, and you have to stay the course.

What does the crash course include?

The crash course covers the following topics:

  • Day 1: Overview and executive summary
  • Day 2: Establishing goals and objectives
  • Day 3: Developing your target audiences
  • Day 4: Performing a marketing SWOT analysis
  • Day 5: Creating your unique selling proposition
  • Day 6: Developing your marketing mix
  • Day 7: Tactical planning, and your budget.
  • BONUS: Executing your strategy.

FREE Strategy Template

As part of the course I’ll also include my Marketing Strategy Template for FREE. The template is a PDF document for you to print out and use as a scratch pad to develop each section outlined in each days email.

The templates sections are formatted to provide the input of the right information in accordance with my process to develop your strategy. So all you have to do is fill in the blanks for your business and your desired approach to marketing, and you’ll complete the course with a marketing strategy that’s ready to execute.

That’s everything you need to develop a road-map to deliver effective and successful marketing for your small business.

Some kind words

I'd recommend Matts approach to othersMatt’s approach to digital marketing and application development, was most definitely strategic and he demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our product and business goals. It was a pleasure to work with Matt and I’d recommend his approach to others.
– Tory Weber (Founder SigmaDek) tweet

FREE 7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash CourseHow long will it take you to complete your marketing strategy?

Understanding its a 7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash Course, each day for the next 7 days I’ll send an email lesson outlining how to complete each section of the template.

You will have to spend some time doing research of your business and competition. So that will take some time.

But, if you spend 15-30 minutes reading through the email and associated content, and spend a couple hours developing the content and brainstorming for each section, you’ll have a completed strategy that’s ready to execute in 10-12 hours total.

So that’s 2 hours a day for the next week and your marketing strategy is complete!

Still need convincing to develop a marketing strategy?

The development of a marketing strategy is something I’m very passionate about. Having witnessed first-hand, on many occasions, the waste of time and money aimlessly trying tactic after tactic, a marketing strategy is a must!

Over the years I’ve watched literally hundreds of thousands of dollars flushed down the toilet in the hopes of tactics delivering the kind of ROI that dreams are made of. Virtually every single time it’s a result of very weak, or zero, marketing strategy.

Don’t make this mistake – YOU NEED A STRATEGY!

If nothing else, sign up for the FREE course for the next 7 days and decide if putting the time and effort into a marketing strategy is for you!

FREE 7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash Course

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