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A Marketing Podcast, hosted by Matt Coco a Marketing Strategist and Digital Marketing Professional, focuses on the development of marketing strategy and execution by delivering complex marketing theories in simple terms to business owners, and small marketing teams. In doing so, Matt delivers a solid marketing strategy and road-map to marketing success, resulting in achieving the desired goals and objectives for your business.

Business owners are busy people, and that makes it difficult to develop a solid strategy and execute. There is a way, it just takes time and diligence.

As such, the main goal for the show is to provide insight into the development of marketing strategies, and ways to achieve marketing success in the most efficient way possible. In the case of you the business owner, performing your own marketing means establishing the right marketing mix to  fit your particular industry, product and/or service, and ability to execute each and every tactic in your busy day.

I’ll be interviewing all types of people who do marketing. From marketing experts, to successful business owners. We’ll dig into the strategic approaches taken and the results they’ve achieved.

A Marketing podcast is all about developing a solid strategy that takes time to execute. It requires persistence and determination to succeed in marketing, and as a business owner I know you have these traits. So what I’m going to do is help you build your road-map to marketing success. It’s not magic, its strategy and planning.

Just another marketing podcast?

No – I’ve done my best to make sure it’s not.

A marketing podcast is different to most other marketing podcasts in that the focus is on the strategy first, and the tactics second.

Let me explain.

I see business owners who market their own business, and even small marketing teams think and act tactically before they act strategically.

Acting tactically without strategy, without established goals and objectives, results in unguided and immeasurable outcomes. This is a recipe for almost certain failure.

Therefore, the goal of the show is to help guide marketers through the development of marketing strategies, and execute to plan. Resulting in success being expected not a surprise.

I’ve spent all of my career working in the digital marketing world. However, I am a strong believer that great marketing is seamless in the life of those we target. As such the use of traditional and digital marketing should be considered, and most likely used, in all the marketing that you do. This is another reference to the podcasts underlying strategic approach to marketing.

To build on the strategic approach, the developing of your marketing mix to achieve your goals and objectives is the secondary focus for the podcast. With so many tactics available to us to deliver our message, it has become somewhat of an art to develop a great marketing mix. Through the various podcast sessions, and content I share with you through the website and in the Actionable Marketing insights newsletter, you will develop a sense for what tactics fit for you, your business, and your strategy.

A genuine desire to help

For the longest time I’ve wanted to develop strategies and execute marketing for as many of you as I can. Through the podcast, the website, online courses, and even webinars, I hope to help as many of you as I can with a strategic approach to marketing.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that there simply is no shortcut to success. Smoke and mirrors only work in horror houses, so unless you have a horror house for a business – you’ve got some work to do.

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