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How to Develop Marketing Goals

How to Develop Marketing Goals

The best way to make your marketing more effective and to help establish your marketing mix, is to develop marketing goals. Your marketing goals set the stage for the remainder of your strategy and give direction to everything you do. Here’s a few things to help develop your goals so that they not only push your marketing to a higher level but also to ensure that they are achievable and measurable.

Business Goals vs. Marketing Goals

First off, lets discuss the difference between business goals and marketing goals. A business goal is more in-line with an overall position of the business. Such as obtaining a higher market share by customer base numbers, or expanding by acquisitions of two new facilities, or decreasing expenses related to stock holding costs.

A Marketing goal however, relates to your marketing and can be achieved solely by marketing efforts. Such as increase the quality of leads, and developing a smoother transition to the sales team by developing some marketing processes. So it’s important to remember when developing your marketing goals that your marketing efforts alone can achieve those goals. That is to say achieving the goal requires absolutely no help from the sales team, or business administration services, or economic changes, for example.

Consider the Duration of Your Strategy

Your goals should be achievable in the timeline of the strategy. Typically, a marketing strategy/plan is developed for a one year period, so ensure that your goals can be achieved in that timeline.

Developing a goal that requires more time to achieve should be broken into smaller parts. For example, quadrupling the number of warm leads may be broken into doubling the number of warm leads. That being said, if you feel you can quadruple your numbers than put it in you list of goals and push for it! I’m definitely not suggesting that your lower your expectations and/or desires to make them easier to achieve, however.

Develop 5 Goals

Over the years I’ve experimented with the number of goals. The fact of the matter is you want to achieve them all. Depending on the scale of the goals the number may be 2-3 or even 8-10. But as a guideline to develop marketing goals that are of a moderate scale, shoot for about 5 goals in a 1 year strategy. This creates a nice set of goals to push your marketing, and still be achievable.

Develop Marketing Goals that Have Clear Objectives

I’ve discussed the difference between goals and objectives in another post (you can see it here). With that understanding ensure that the goals you create can be achieved by a clear list of objectives. Creating a goal that is vague and hard to measure, will cause issues in your success measurements and in general when reviewing your marketing efforts. So make sure that a set of objectives, if achieved, equate to your goal being achieved.

For example, if your goal is to grow your social media communities. Then your objectives will be things like get to 1,000 Facebook page likes, or achieve a 20% increase in twitter engagements.

Push Your Marketing Team

Lastly, push yourself and/or your team. Make sure your goals a large and almost out of reach. Achieving your goals in the first quarter, although it wouldn’t be a bad thing, means that you set the bar to low! Or you got really lucky. That’s when you start brainstorming more goals ASAP.

Another great way to develop marketing goals is to get your team involved. If you’re not a sole trader, then asking your team to weigh in on what they see as goals for the marketing team will not only open your eyes to things you didn’t think of, but it will raise the level of accountability of your team to achieve what they helped develop.

If you are all alone in developing your marketing strategy, ask other business owners for ideas on what they think your goals should be. Heck, ask in the comments below and I’m sure you’ll get some good ideas. Try not to ask your competitors though.

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