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How to start content marketing

How to start content marketing

Initially content marketing seems like a huge time sucking marketing tactic. And in some ways it is. So how do you start content marketing and keep it going whilst running a business or performing other marketing tasks?

Here are some tips and tricks to curate content for your campaigns and do so in a timely manner whilst still creating good quality content.

Make use of what you already have!

In almost every case my clients are already doing some sort of content curation. Whether it be newsletters, monthly shareholder reports, internal production meetings, press releases, and other marketing materials. All of which are sources of content marketing content, or at least inspiration for new content.

Recently, I implemented a campaign for a company that had a monthly newsletter that they even had editorial meetings and calendars to create it. So what I suggested was that they release the content in a trickle effect over the month, and the newsletter would be the sum up of all that content. Pretty simple hey! In addition they could monitor the success of each piece of content and determine which would end up being the main article in their newsletter, and the order of other content from there. So not only did they instantly have an online content marketing campaign up and running, but it helped them optimize and produce a better print version of their newsletter.

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Find Influencers in your area of business

First off, an influencer is a person or business that has established themselves as experts in your industry by being consistent with content, being active in social media, and demonstrates that they know what they’re talking about.

Finding an influencer in your industry will allow you to see what they are saying and potentially build on their thoughts, or even get them to write for your blog/website. Many influencers will be happy to write for you as long as they are credited with the authorship of the piece. This is sometimes referred to as guest blogging, and if the relationship is nurtured you can maintain a steady flow of content for your campaign.

Become part of industry related blogs/forums

This idea leads a little into the area of how to avoid the issue of not being able to think of what to write about, but in actual fact being active on blogs and forums will create content for you. What do I mean? Well as you comment away on an article or subject you’ll essentially be creating the subject for your next article. Once’ you get going on a nice juicy comment, you’ll find it hard not to write an article. So go with it, and you’ll end up with another article for your campaign.

Tools to Help Start Content Marketing

The biggest issue with a content marketing campaign is managing the content and the social posting and referring that is required to make each article you write a success. There are many tools out there that will help with this in varying different ways. But the fact of the matter, is that you will have to commit to a certain amount of time for each article to get it going.

Hootsuite is amazing for managing the social posting side of content marketing campaigns as it allows you to que many posts to all your social channels. Over time (depending on your chosen settings) those posts will trickle out into your social feeds, and the best part is you only had to do it once. Hootsuite also allows you to work as a team, so in the event it’s not always Susie the social expert posting your article, other member’s can que and posts socially through your Hootsuite account.

Buffer can also be a neat tool strictly for queuing your social posts, so keep it in mind.

Time to start content marketing!

Hopefully I’ve provided some ideas on how to start content marketing and some ways to limit the time required to commit to produce good content for your next campaign. If you have any ideas that I may not have addressed, please let me know and I’ll share with everyone.