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How to write great website content

How to write great website content

If you have a website then writing great website content is paramount to the success of the site. If you’ve found this article I’m guessing you understand that. Learning how to write for your website doesn’t take years of practice. In fact, it’s the opposite. All you need to know is how to write content for a 5th grader (and a couple other things).

Nowadays everyone who visits a website wants what they want and fast. Whether it be on their phone or even on their desktop during a lunch break at work. So the easier your content is to read, the more effective it will be. Period.

Of course you want your copy to be informative and provide value, so here are few things to keep in mind when writing website copy.

1. Get to the point.

Your website is no place for beating around the bush. Get to the point and do it fast. Like so.

2. Use simple words

Showing everyone that you are a human thesaurus provides zero value. You may look smarter then the average Joe, but on the second word that takes to long to pronounce, you’ve lost your reader. Why the second? Well everyone gets a second chance right?

3. Length is key

The first thing a reader will do is see how long the entire article is. If they end up scrolling 8 times to get to the end, you’ve got an up hill battle out of the gate. Three, maybe four, paragraphs is the sweet spot for blog articles and most web page. Unless of course your industry or product/service requires in depth explanation.

4. Formatting

A big old block on copy sucks. There I said it. Use lists and images and commas and make it easier to read. A quick scan of your article should provide the gist of your post. If not you should write it in a novel and hope it sells on Amazon.

5. Imagery

We’ve all heard it and it makes even more sense on the web, “an image speaks a thousand words”. If you can find an image that tells half the story for you, then you’ve got your readers attention before they even read a word.

6. Grammar and spelling

If you’ve got a spellin error in your first sentence or paragraph, you’ve de-credited yourself and given the reader another reason to forget about the rest of your article. See what I did there.

7. Deliver a Solution

You’ve probably hear about story telling and developing a reason, and certain level of empathy with your reader to get them to perform the action you inevitably want. Not a bad theory, it can work for certain products and services, but an even easier way to think of it is to write about the problem your solving and the solutions outcomes. Meaning, you customer wants a solution to a problem, and if you can solve that and prove the results, then you’ve got yourself a customer. So provide a solution when writing on your website.

That’s how to write great website content

So as you can see, it’s all pretty simple stuff. Just keep these 6 tips in mind when writing your next post and you’ll be giving yourself a chance to convert another visitor into a returning visitor. Maybe even convert them!

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