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LinkedIn conversion tracking now available

LinkedIn conversion tracking now available

Back in Session 24: LinkedIn Advertising Overview, I discussed how to get started advertising through LinkedIn. One of the biggest downsides to LinkedIn compared to the other advertising platforms and channels I discussed, was that it didn’t have LinkedIn conversion tracking available. Well, now it does!

The folks at LinkedIn had been working with advertisers to improve the platform, and had regularly been asked about conversions tracking. Understanding that being able to not only track conversions from your ads, but all equate a value to your advertising spend is crucial to calculating the outcome of your campaigns, LinkedIn made the move to introduce conversion tracking today!

Here’s a quick overview of what conversion track will provide to you as an advertiser within LinkedIn.

  1. You’re now able to track the metrics related to conversions on your website. Such as advertising ROI, conversion counts, cost-per-conversion, and conversion rates.
  2. Capture every conversion every time. Through the new LinkedIn conversion tracking you can track conversions across all channels, so desktop and mobile and whether the conversions where directly from a click, or at a later date but related to a past click.
  3. Optimization of campaigns by conversion. You can now use conversion metrics to make adjustments to your campaigns to optimize for conversions – THIS IS THE BIG ONE!

This is a huge step in the right direction for LinkedIn, and if you’ve advertised with LinkedIn in the past or are thinking about giving it a try, you now hvae the most powerful elements of digital advertising at your fingertips.

Check out the short video below on LinkedIn conversion tracking to find out more.

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