A little about Matt Coco | A Marketing Podcast

A little about Matt Coco

Hey I’m Matt Coco, a 33 year old guy, a loving husband, and father of three rambunctious boys!

Professionally, I’m a digital director and all round marketer. I’ve been in the digital marketing field for my entire career, just over 10 years now, and I’ve transitioned from junior web developer, to technical project manager, to account manager, to business analyst, to be a digital director at one of the premium agencies in Canada. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and for companies like Greyhound Australia, EB Games, Tourism Queensland, Excel Homes Calgary, Hockey Calgary, Japan Canada Oil Sands, Solex Thermal Sciences, Monster Energy, Kraft, Coca-Cola, DrivrGolf (one of my startups), and many many more small and medium businesses in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The Coco BoysMy passion, after my family, is helping my clients development, and continually improve, their marketing strategies. In addition, helping with the integration of digital and traditional marketing tactics to deliver on established goals and objectives.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Application Design from Lubbock Christian University, Lubbock, Texas. I have developed my knowledge and approach to marketing through my progression from code to strategy. My goal is to develop solutions for businesses that make sense and deliver results based on strategy and planning vs trial and error.

My journey to Calgary has been a long and winding road. Initially leaving home (Brisbane, Australia) at the age of 18 to pursue a baseball career in the United states. My first stop was Seminole Oklahoma – a little culture shock you could say. After completing 2 years in junior college I transferred to Texas Tech University (this is where I was introduced to marketing as my degree). For baseball reasons I transferred across town to Lubbock Christian University where I completed my degree. During this journey I met my now beautiful wife. But, I headed home after college and spent two years as a developer enjoying my last couple years in Australia. In 2008, I headed to Calgary to get married and start my new life and my family. Pretty cool eh. I’m now the father of three boys and love me some hockey – go Flames!

On a very personal note, and for those of you that are into neuroscience and personality types, I’m a ESTJ in the Myers-Briggs classifications. So that will tell you a lot about me. A scary amount actually. If you couldn’t care less about this stuff, just know that I get to the point and love knowledge and the right kind of power, which I think aligns very nicely with marketing strategy and execution.

But enough about me. I want you to come with me on a  journey as I share my successes and failures, and dig into the minds of some of the industries brightest and most experienced practitioners, to help you develop a better understanding, and application, of marketing in this millennial dominated era.

Some more of the businesses I’ve helped over the years…

Kraft Canada
Solex Thermal Science
Hockey Calgary
Iconic Power Systems
Iconic Electrical
NDP Alberta
University of Calgary
ProAll Inc
First 2000 Days
Gardner Club
McLeod Law
Centron Construction
Eagleridge Developments
Childrens Cottage Society
Excel Homes
Olds College
Discover Banff Tours
Rocky Mountain Analytical
Suroco Energy
GLJ Petrolium Consultants
Calgary Police Commission
FM Brokerage/PPI Solutions
Classic Office Movers
Algoma University
Bell Canada
Circle Cardio Vascular
Compass Tax
Functional Synergy
Canwest Concrete
Athene Offices and Services
ABHR Conference
oneBall Testicular Cancer Federation
Plains Midstream Canada
Stuart Olson
Md Taber
Hockey Gear Reviews
Max Force Tactical
Theare Works Calgary
Zaks Foods
Foot Locker Australia
EB Games
Greyhound Australia
Tourism Noosa
Warrumbungle Tourism
Beginning Boutique
World Police Fire Games
Sunny Queen Eggs
Mountain Designs
Robina Town Centre
Reviera Marine
Reviera Yachts
Asset Aviation
Smart Send
Sunshine Coast Tourism
Angel Flight Australia