Session 1: Welcome to the show | A Marketing Podcast

Session 1: Welcome to the show

In session 1 of A Marketing Podcast I go over what the show is all about and who will get the most out of it. I also provide insight into my career in marketing, from Brisbane Australia to Calgary Alberta, and I review the website so you know where everything is.

Session 1 Show Notes:

  • Intro and what to expect in session
  • A little about myself – click here to read a little about Matt Coco
  • The website – I go over the sections of the website, if you’re reading these notes you’re in the right place!
  • The Podcast section – all the sessions and feel free to download the ones you want.
  • The Blog – articles on topics from the show, but not blog posts that are exactly the same as the show (I hate podcasts like that)
  • AMP Live – come hang out as I interview record, and edit the sessions. I’d be happy to chat with fans of the show live
  • Resources – resources and tools to help you be more efficient in your business and your marketing.
  • Get in Touch – please use it, I want to talk to you all and be accessible to you all
  • Social Media is the quickest way to get me – especially Twitter
  • What is A Marketing Podcast and who is it for? – Click here to read the about page
  • Podcast structure and release schedule – Looking towards 30 minutes per session, expect for interviews if they are full of good stuff, and approximately every two weeks for a the release of a new session.
  • I’ve even planned a year of podcast sessions (they may change) but this is my plan and I like sticking to plans
  • First 8 sessions (after session 1) will be focused on marketing strategy and the development of one. As well as why you need one. These are essentially a FREE course on how to develop your first marketing strategy.
  • I mentioned many of the session topics I’ll be discussing over the first year (there’s some good stuff here πŸ˜‰ )
  • That’ll wrap session 1, thanks for listening in guys!
  • Session 2 – Marketing Strategy – what it is, and why you need one. As well as getting started on developing your next marketing strategy.

Links & Resources:

Thanks for listening in!

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