Session 10: Executing your marketing strategy | A Marketing Podcast

Session 10: Executing your marketing strategy

In session 10 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss how to write your executive summary as well as how to execute your strategy now that we’ve put in all the work to develop it! The execution includes the setup, the monitoring and adjusting, and the measurement of success. I also release my new strategy development crash course.

Session 10: Show Notes

Recap of Previous Sessions (related to strategy development):

Writing an Executive Summary

The summary is exactly that, a summary! So all you need to do is summarize your strategy for yourself and anyone who will be involved in your marketing. This will allow others to get an idea of what you’ve developed and what you plan to do with your marketing.

There’s no need to spend hours on your executive summary either. Write one or two sentences for each section of your strategy and you’ll be just fine.

Keep the same order as your strategy in your summary, so it makes sense as someone flips through your strategy document.

Apart from being the way for others to get an idea of what you’re doing with your marketing, the summary serves as the first place to reviewing your success measurement and throughout your marketing (more on executing in a minute)

Executing your marketing strategy

Online presence setup

First off, make sure your business’s online presence is setup. I’ll link to a checklist I created to walk you through setting up your business online.

This is important to ensure that your marketing provides somewhere for potential customers to find out more, but more importantly that you can track your marketing results.

Tactical/Campaign setup

Setup ongoing tactics first

Setup the tactics or campaigns that are ongoing for the period of your strategy. For example, Social media channels or Search engine marketing.

Get to work on the complex tactics next

This is just a personal preference, but I like to get the complex tactics setup and ready to go first while I’m still pumped about getting started.

Then setup the remaining tactics according to your tactical/campaign planning schedules. Pretty straight forward stuff.

Marketing In Motion

Now that your marketing is in motion it’s time to monitor and adjust throughout the strategies period. Depending on the tactics, the time span between monitoring and adjusting will differ.

For example, if you’re advertising through Search Engine Marketing – I like to review the results daily for the first week or so, then back off to weekly. Making adjustments each time I review if I’m missing obvious opportunities or there are any issues.

But for things like direct mail, obviously you would review how the tactic went a couple weeks after the mail out. How do you review….. Lots to consider here – tracking offline marketing efforts is a subject for another session though.

Your strategy may need to be tweaked.

As you execute your marketing keep an eye out for things that indicate our strategy needs some tweaking. Like I said in one of the earlier sessions, the strategy isn’t set in stone. It’s just a road map to where you want to go. We may have to take some back roads along the way to stay the course however.

Just don’t stray too far – and record the things you change in your strategy document.

Review against your strategy monthly

To ensure that everything is going to plan refer back to your strategy monthly – put a meeting in your calendar right now for the same time each month to review back to your strategy. If you have someone helping you with your marketing, pull them into that meeting as a type of accountability, and a way to get quick answers on where things are at.

Don’t just look at the calendar and dates for executions of tactics, review the results, review the outcomes, review if there’s a way to improve your targeting or messaging for your target audiences.

And don’t forget to check off objectives as they are achieved! Remember we’re trying to check them all off!

Which leads nicely into the success measurement part of your strategy usage.

Success Measurement

Once the period of your strategy has ended (or maybe close to the end but before you develop next year’s strategy) we get to see how our marketing turned out.

This is the step or process that is overlooked by many small businesses. For a couple reasons, but the main one being they don’t have a strategy to hold up against their marketing to see what they are achieved vs. what they wanted to achieve.

Take your learnings and create your next strategy! That’s marketing, and that’s how to execute against your marketing strategy.

Strategy Development Crash Course

A summarized version of the first 9 sessions of the podcast with the aim of walking you through step by step on creating your strategy in 7 days!

It’s an email course, and once you sign up I’ll deliver a lesson each day for 7 days with insight and exercises to create your strategy. This is a test drive of my theory on creating an even more comprehensive online course that will literally walk you through step by step and provide tons of insights video, case studies, exercises, and examples specific to your industry to help you develop the best possible strategy you can for your small business.

If you complete the 7 day crash course, as in you have a strategy to show for it, I’ll review your strategy for free! Just send it to me via email, I’ll take 30 minutes or so to review and provide some feedback.

But I’ll only be doing this for the next month. So the final date to submit your strategy for a free review will be June 5th, 2016.

Click here to take the 7 Day Marketing Strategy Development Crash Course

New sessions will be slightly different moving forward

So now that we’ve finished the strategy development sessions, the podcast will take a bit of a turn to include many new styles of show, for example:

  • specific strategy insights (like Instagram strategies for small business)
  • interviews with small business owners
  • tactical experts join us and talk about the industry and strategies they use
  • I’ll walk you through setting up specific tools that I like to use and have setup for other small businesses (like CRM systems, email programs, etc)
  • and much more.

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