Session 12: What is email marketing | A Marketing Podcast

Session 12: What is email marketing

In session 12 of A Marketing Podcast I talk all about email marketing strategy. I go over the objectives that any email marketing strategy should work to achieve, and review 6 email marketing strategies that you can implement for your small business. I talk about the ins and outs of each strategy and some things to keep in mind when developing those strategies.

Session 12: Show Notes

The objectives of an email marketing strategy

A comprehensive email marketing strategy works to achieve all of the following:

  1. Email list building
  2. Subscriber conversion
  3. Customer development

Building your email list

  • Email marketing is nothing without email addresses
  • so building your list is your first priority
  • The only way to build your list is to provide potential subscribers with a level of value that they feel is worth sharing their email with you.
  • That level depends on many factors. I’ll talk about some strategies for list building later in the article.

I’m not going to get into specific tactics to build your list – we’ll save that for another session.

Subscribers into paying customers

  • Once you have subscribers you want to build trust and convert them into paying customers
  • Again the trick is to provide value that is worth paying for
  • This is a process – not a single email
  • Depending on business product/service the time will vary (your sales cycle)
  • The conversion is achieved by delivering a solution to a problem and having the required amount of trust and value in your product or service to make the purchase a non-issue

Developing your customers

  • Once you have paying customers you should use email to support them
  • Not only that, you want to keep them engaged for the potential of another purchase
  • Treating your customers right will also entice sharing and social proof which in turn equates to sales

Drip email marketing explained

Before we get into the different types of email marketing strategies that are available, let’s discuss drip email marketing.

Drip email marketing is the act of sending multiple emails, usually in an automated fashion, to develop your subscriber into performing a desired action.

The main reason for performing a drip campaign is to build trust and this is done by providing value before attempting to sell a product/service.

Developing trust with your subscribers

The benefit to executing a drip email marketing strategy is to develop your subscribers’ trust in you and your product.

Here’s a quick rundown on a theory I use to developing that trust.

  • Email 1 – Welcome and thanks
  • Email 2 – Some value (educational in nature)
  • Email 3 – More value (more education)
  • Email 4 – More value + soft sell on product
  • Email 5 – More value (more education)
  • Email 6 – Hard Sell (it’s time to buy)
  • Email 7 – Why not (question as to why they didn’t buy – politely of course)

Let’s look at several email marketing strategy types to sum everything up.

Strategies to discuss

  • Community building/generic list
  • contests/giveaways
  • Email based challenges
  • Email courses
  • Lead magnets
  • Emails’ involvement in your inbound campaigns

Community building email marketing strategy

  • Community building, or a general list, is the idea of building up your email list to distribute general update style emails
  • An example is your monthly newsletter
  • This is the type that most small businesses begin with (and maybe end with)
  • This is the “sign up to receive our newsletter” call to action
  • It can be effective but has become slightly less effective due to the development of the following strategies

[Free Download] The email automation setup guide

Contests and giveaways

  • Through your website you can provide a way for visitors to enter a contest or giveaway by entering their email for a chance to win
  • So long as what is going to be given away is related to your business, product, or service, people will enter and happily provide you their email to do so
  • This is a great way to build your list
  • But these subscribers will be much less engaged than those subscribing for a piece of value related directly to your product/service offering

Email challenges

  • An effective way to build an audience and develop your personal brand or business brand as an authority in a certain industry is to run “challenges”
  • For example, a Facebook followers’ challenge, or a new online sales challenge
  • But where does email come into play…
  • Well through email you can promote your thinking and way of doing things as the way to be successful in the challenge
  • Sending out daily or weekly emails through a drip campaign. Example of this would be delivering the ways in which you’ve built your Facebook followers’ during a Facebook followers challenge

Check out Nathalie Lussier at ( and her 30 day email list building challenge

Email courses

  • One of the most effective ways to build your list and develop trust with potential customers is to build an email course
  • An email course is essentially a drip email marketing campaign that walks the subscriber through lessons
  • Good thing about email courses is that they not only build your list, but by virtue of the course, continually deliver value and build on the previous email. Your subscribers are more likely to hang around until the last email and finish the course. So retention is high!
  • Those who finish your course are much more likely to stay on your list and buy product or services from you

Lead magnet conversion strategy

  • We’re moving into content marketing a little bit with the use of lead magnets
  • Lead magnets are used to build additional value to your on-page content
  • In an effort to entice your website visitors to provide their email in exchange for that value
  • You’ll see lead magnets throughout AMP. Such as the marketing strategy template download. I developed this lead magnet as it helps you walk through the steps of creating a marketing strategy and relates to much of the content on the site
  • Once you get subscribers through a lead magnet signup form, your email program should kick in and deliver the content in an email right way
  • Then to optimize the retention and value of that content, start a sequence or mini drip campaign to deliver even more value to that subscriber
  • In doing so, you’ll begin to build more trust with your subscriber and have the ability to offer more lead magnets and value. Eventually leading into a purchase of related products or services on your website

Email in your inbound campaigns

  • Email marketing plays a major role in inbound campaigns
  • Its the measurement mechanism for conversions (in most cases)
  • Also, once you get that conversions you should follow up with a thanks email + the value, and potentially a drip campaign to build trust/make a sale

How to get started with your email marketing strategy

  • Pick an email marketing platform
  • I use ConvertKit, and love it – main reason is the ease of setting up sequences and automations to auto tag and manage subscribers based on the actions they perform
  • But there are many tools on the market for you to try out – Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, and more
  • To get you started, check out the “lead magnet” below to setup your first email marketing automation for a generic email list. It’s a diagram that outlines the flow and some additional notes on what sort of content to develop or each email in the sequence

The 7 Day FREE marketing strategy crash course

It’s an email course, and once you sign up I’ll deliver a lesson each day for 7 days with insights and exercises to create your strategy.

If you complete the 7 day crash course, as in you have a strategy to show for it, I’ll review your strategy for free! Just send it to me via email, I’ll take 30 minutes or so to review and provide some feedback.

But I’ll only be doing this for the next month. So the final date to submit your strategy for a free review will be June 6th, 2016.

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