Session 13: What is content marketing? | A Marketing Podcast

Session 13: What is content marketing?

In session 13 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss what content marketing is and how you can get started. I also review 8 different types of content marketing and what they are used to achieve. I go into depth on the 8 different types of content marketing that I decided to focus on. Including some insight into webinars and podcasts, and reasoning behind inbound campaigns.

Session 13: Show Notes

What is content marketing?

A very broad term used to explain marketing strategy and tactics that involve the curation of content and delivery of that content.

The exchange of content from a business to another business or consumer is to achieve one of the following:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Obtain a lead
  • Build customer satisfaction/retention

The difference between promotion/advertising and content marketing

  • content marketing provides value that is useful or actionable
  • promotion/advertising makes use of content but it’s typically a call to action and doesn’t provide any standalone value

Types of content that can shape your content marketing

There are four types of content that can be created and used as part of any content marketing campaign , they are:

  • Textual (blog posts, articles, even PR)
  • Visual (images, such as info-graphics, product shots, and so on)
  • Audio (this podcast is an example of audio)
  • Video (YouTube, online courses, how to guides, etc – usually combined with audio)

Types of content marketing

Traditional content marketing example:

Shiny catalogs at car dealerships – These work to develop your desire for the car by showing beautiful imagery and maybe even stats and comparisons to get you back into the dealership

Digital content marketing examples:

  • Blog posts & guest posts
  • Lead Magnets
  • Case studies & whitepapers
  • Email marketing (newsletters, drip campaign content) check out session 12 for more on this
  • Ebooks
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Inbound marketing campaigns

Blog Posts & Guest posting

  • Subject matter expertise is the main reason for writing
  • Used to develop SEO value of your website
  • Guest posts, work to spread your subject matter expertise, and also to develop backlinks to your website (which isn’t as valuable as they used to be for SEO value but still have value)

Lead Magnets / Content Upgrades

  • On blog posts and articles, also on regular pages
  • Example is the marketing strategy template I’ve developed
  • Used to get email addresses in exchange for a valuable piece of content you’ve developed

Email Marketing

There’s so much content required by email marketing campaigns
Check out session #12 – What is email marketing – I outlined 6 email marketing strategies that require a lot of content be developed for


  • Ebooks are great not only for obtaining emails (essentially as lead magnets) but also as stand alone products of their own
  • Many people have been successful writing ebooks and selling them
  • Could be a gateway product to a higher level, more expensive product you sell
  • Such as an ebook about building a deck from the ground up, and if you’re a deck building company that may drive more sales as people understand the complexity and time it would take to build their own deck


  • A great way to deliver knowledge, entertainment, even sales to an audience that is interested in hearing from you
  • It’s no secret that my podcast is based on the topic that I will build products around
  • Therefore, building trust and understanding in the products for free through the podcasts, to one day purchase AMP products for your small business
  • Podcasts can work for literally any industry as well – not just online companies


  • Work amazingly to develop leads and generate sales
  • Make use of video and audio, usually in a live format streamed, but also recorded and self serving
  • Should provide value to the participant that they can act on
  • A sales pitch at the end to convert those most interested in what you were providing
  • Chat about the Pat Flynn Nathan Barry webinar
  • Discussion on email marketing tactics and how to implement them
  • Followed by an offer to try ConvertKit free for 30days

Inbound marketing

“is not content marketing, it’s a type of content marketing”

  • The terms are often used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be
  • Inbound marketing refers to using content to draw customers in by providing content for potential customers to bite on and join the marketing/sales funnels
  • But content marketing, is bigger than inbound marketing and covers many more marketing strategies than just inbound marketing

A quick rundown on inbound marketing as a digital tactic

  • Designed to get an email address (or any type of contact information)
  • Uses a landing page – designed to be very simple and action oriented
  • Delivers a piece of content as an incentive (touched on a couple earlier such as case studies, white papers, how to guides, checklist, etc)
  • Basically lead magnets but relating to the content of the landing page.
  • Include a thank you page – deliver the content and potentially up-sell/cross sell
  • Should make use of a drip email marketing campaign (again more on that in the last session)
  • Uses advertising, and organic efforts through social, to drive traffic to the landing page
  • Can, and probably should, make use of re-marketing to those that didn’t convert

Inbound is the way to go for small business

  • Inbound marketing, although it takes time to setup, runs on it’s own for the most part thanks to advertising and email marketing automation
  • As opposed to blog posts, webinars, and podcasts, the time commitment is much less for inbound campaigns
  • So my recommendation for small business owners looking to get into content marketing, is to start with inbound marketing
  • Obviously building content on your website is a good idea as well – so feel free to write blog posts whilst your inbound campaigns are running

NOTE: I totally forgot to include Social media content marketing – I’ll cover this in a future social media for small business podcast session.

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