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Session 19: A chat with Jonathan Lacoste of

In session 19 of A Marketing Podcast I chat with Jonathan Lacoste of In the interview we discuss micro-moments, interactive content, developing customer insights, marketing automation, as well as how Jebbit puts this all together in one place for you to produce a cohesive, finely tuned marketing machine. Jonathan provides a ton of value to help you develop better content and think about your customers and what they want, and even expect, from you as a marketer.

Session 19: Show Notes

Jonathan Lacoste – Introduction

Jonathan Lacoste - JebbitJonathan Lacoste is an award-winning entrepreneur and writer. He’s the Co-Founder and President of Jebbit, a digital marketing platform that he and Thomas Coburn founded as undergraduates in 2011. Since launching the company, Jonathan has been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30,”, he was able to raise venture capital at age 19 and get Jebbit off the ground. Jonathan is clearly passionate about improving marketers ability to communicate to their audience through the development of insights and dynamic content.

The Jebbit Story

Jonathan tell’s us how Jebbit came to be and that it was the result of a business plan competition with Thomas Coburn, his co-founder. Initially, it was to become a business to help marketers deliver branded content but has changed over the last 5 years to become a digital marketing platform.

Digital Marketing Platform

At a high level, what the folks at Jebbit are seeing is that marketers a strapped for time due to a number of reasons, and that any tool needs to integrate with several marketing systems/platforms to be a viable product in the industry.

Micro-Content and Engaging customers

The average time you get to attract and convert a consumer to look into your product or service is only 8 seconds, and is typically on a mobile device whilst multi-taking or on their way to somewhere else.

This is the idea behind understanding and developing micro-content that can be delivered within those 8 seconds.

Mobile First

The funny things is that we’re now hearing not just mobile first, but thinking about “Mobile Only”.

So instead f just developing and designing for mobile, create and deliver solely on mobile, understanding that over the next 10 years the use of mobile will only increase. As will consumers desire to transact through mobile.

Jonathan, believes that we’re only just getting to the year of mobile, as the consumer starts to use their mobile devices more than their desktop devices on a larger average statistic.

It’s going to be important for marketers to understand where their consumers interact on mobile and developing a monetization strategy for purely mobile interactions.

Interactive Content

Jebbits bread and butter is helping marketers create and deliver interactive content.

Conceptually, Jebbt’s view point is that marketers are creating great content, but it’s difficult to slow down consumers and do two things:

  1. Educate them on the value props or benefits of what your selling
  2. Having a conversation so that you can go away with insights into that consumers wants and desires

The best interaction is not asking for emails right away, but having a conversation and understanding the consumer to avoid pushing marketing on to consumers as we’ve done in the past.

The biggest challenge that marketers are having in this day and age is making use of data. Figuring out how to use and format in a way to make more successful, and personal, marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation in Content Marketing

Gathering insights from interactive content is one thing, but find a way to use that information to deliver dynamic content is the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Jonathan see’s us as being in the second or even third iteration of marketing automation. It’s becoming much more advanced in what can be done and how data is being used to improve marketing automation outcomes.

Redefine the Customer Journey - Jebbit
Credit: – Redefine the Customer Journey

Takeaways from the interview

Interactive Content – always be thinking how to create content that will get your customers interacting with you and your brand. For example, making use of surveys, questionnaires, self sell tools (like insurance companies, or car sites) to deliver the best content possible to your customer.

Always be gathering data & Insights – through interactive content and even talking to your customers always be gathering data to develop insights into improving your products/services.

Deliver Content your customers want – making use of the data you gather, and the insights you develop, deliver the content that makes the most sense to your customers. This will most definitely improve your lead generation and marketing outcomes.

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