Session 22: Display advertising 101 | A Marketing Podcast

Session 22: Display advertising 101

In session 22 of A Marketing Podcast, Part 3 of How to advertise your business online, we’re going to focus on Display advertising 101. From the things to consider before you setup your display advertising campaigns, to the actual setup of a campaign, and some of the things to consider along the way.

Session 22: Display Advertising 101

Recap the first two parts of How to Advertise your business online – Setup considerations and Search Engine Marketing.

Session 20: Things to consider before advertising:

  • Develop strong targeting profiles (your audiences)
  • Messaging and content creation for your campaigns
  • The technical setup of your website & Reporting tools
  • The time required to manage your campaigns and the process I like to use

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Session 21: Search Engine Marketing

  • setting up a google adwords account
  • developing AdGroups & keyword research
  • Understanding and managing bid’s and campaigns
  • reporting and monitoring
  • calculating outcomes/ ROI

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In today’s session:

  • what is display advertising?
  • Why use display advertising?
  • Googles display network
  • Web Banners – creating, dimensions, animations
  • Setting up a campaign and how to target through Google’s Display Network
  • Touch on Video advertising through YouTube

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is the act of using web banners, images, videos, and any other type of visual content as an advertisement online.

Display network as a term is synonymous with Google, as it’s channel for advertising on publisher’s website that are part of the Google network.

SEM User Intent vs Display Advertising Intent

Search engine users are searching for a solution.

Display advertising users are search for solutions to, but are not looking for it in our ads. Instead they are looking for content within the website they are visiting. Therefore, we have to work to draw their attention to our ads.

Why use display advertising?

Display advertising provides visual elements to entice potential customers into your promotions. Be it a discount offer, a product release, or even awareness campaigns, display advertising allows us to connect with potential customers on a visual level to spark emotional responses.

Compared to Search engine marketing, where we can only use textual ads, display network provides a much richer experience.

So it’s important to develop good quality visuals that are related on the websites and networks that they are displayed on.

Googles Display network

As with Search engine marketing, as a small business, google provides the best and easiest way to setup your first campaign.

The google network provides access to the largest display network of publishers online, through a tool that makes it fairly easy to submit your ads for display. Google AdWords.

Other options for display advertising

Affiliate marketing through services such as Commission Junction which make use of web banners and placements on publisher websites.

Private or privately managed services – either website owners who provide advertising options through their site, or company such as

Also, big company networks , made up of many publishers such as AOL and Yellow pages.

Web Banners – creating, dimensions, animations

Let’s talk about creating web banners. There is essentially two types of web banners that you can use in display advertising. Static and animated.

Static banners refer to still images, and animated refers to web banners that either rotate through several still frames, or are interactive in some way shape or form.


There are approximately 4 standard dimensions to web banners. However, there are many more dimensions available and used online.

IAB is one of the authorities on online advertising and has a ton of information about online advertising, so totally worth a look (link in resources below). IAB refers to the 4 standard banners as the UAP or Universal Ad Package. Which includes:

  • Medium rectangle 300 x 250 px
  • Rectangle 180×150
  • Wide Skyscraper 160×600
  • Leaderboard 728×90

As for the technical/specific specs for the image and animated banner requirements, I’ll lave that to IAB as they have a ton of information to look through, but basically you’re going to need an creative program of some sort to create your banners, Photoshop, fireworks, etc.

Setting up a campaign and how to target through Google’s Display Network

Setting up a display campaign is pretty easy through Google AdWords, so lets run through it quickly. This is the main part of the display advertising 101 session.

Of course you need a Google AdWords account. So set that up first (refer to session 21 on a quick rundown), the click on new campaign and select display network.

  • Step 1: Basic campaign setup
  • Step 2: Ad Group Setup / Targeting Setup – who should see your ads
  • Step 3: Upload your banners
  • Step 4: Setup conversion Tracking

Touch on Video advertising through YouTube

Although not part of display network advertising in Google AdWords video, could be placed under the same topic. In google Video focuses on YouTube Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post -roll advertising with video.

If you’re looking to advertise with video check it out, and don’t forget other channels for video such as Facebook – and Ill be talking about Facebook advertising next week in Session 23.


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