Session 24: LinkedIn Advertising Overview | A Marketing Podcast

Session 24: LinkedIn Advertising Overview

In session 24 of A Marketing Podcast, Part 5 of How to advertise your business online, I’m talking about LinkedIn Advertising. Some of the options you have within the platform, as well as the unique targeting features that are available within the B2B social network.

Session 24: Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

Welcome to Session 24, and Part 5 of the How to advertise your business online mini series.

Reviewing part 1 – 4 of the mini series:

  • Session 20 – Overview on how to advertise your business online
  • Session 21 – Search Engine Marketing
  • Session 22 – Display Advertising
  • Session 23 – Facebook Advertising

In today’s session, session 24, we’re focusing on LinkedIn advertising in particular:

  • What’s LinkedIn all about?
  • Why choose LinkedIn advertising as part of your advertising mix?
  • Setting up a Company within LinkedIn
  • Different advertising options within LinkedIn
  • Your first campaign
  • Reporting and Monitoring

What’s LinkedIn all about?

Business to Business primary social channel

Also, career based, human resources related business hap[pens primarily within LinkedIn

Ability to try things out for cheap

LinkedIn like Facebook allows you to work with reasonably small budgets to essentially perform trial and error on your campaigns. So working with less than $500 you can create and modify several campaigns to see what targeting or messaging works best before scaling up your budget.

Finding your advertising sweet spot within LinkedIn

Start by targeting as specifically as possible. LinkedIn provide some really granular targeting to help with this.

An example would be, targeting a specific company and those related to it. Or even further target the C-Suite within that company to advertise to.

So playing around with your targeting allows you to identify the sweet spot for your businesses product/service offering and the ad in particular.

LinkedIn’s social element and how it aligns with advertising

LinkedIn, although a business  to business social channel, there are some neat social elements that generate regular traffic within the platform. Such as connections anniversary’s or new positions. All of which generate more traffic within the platform, and more traffic to see your advertising.

Advertising can be shown within the users news feed as well as above the feed in the text formats.

Company Pages must be setup

In order to perform advertising within LinkedIn you must setup a company page. In addition, even if you’re not advertising it’s a good idea to get that page setup and begin posting content to it. This content will provide users with the ability to find out more about your business and later these posts are actually used in your advertising.

Through your advertising you will also drive traffic to your company page, therefore it’s important to make sure your page is setup and has some recent content.

Options on types of advertising within LinkedIn

In LinkedIn you hvae two types of ads to use:

  • Textual links allow you to write a line of text and link that text.
  • Whereas, sponsored posts make use of existent, or brand new, posts from your company page.

Accounts in LinkedIn

LinkedIn provide a sorting, or categorization, for your advertising much like Facebook. These are called accounts. Creating an account allows you to assign a particular business and company page to that account. As well as specific payment information for each account. It also allows you to add other people to your account the manage your advertising with/for you.

Creating a LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

First step is creating the name for your campaign.

You will then be shown the content from your companies page that is LinkedIn to your account. You have the option to use one or more of the posts from your page, or create a new sponsored post specifically for your advertising campaign.

Next up is targeting. LinkedIn provides some really nice targeting. Starting with geographical targeting, then onto the LinkedIn specific targeting options. They include:

  • Company name
  • Company industry
  • Company size
  • Job title
  • Job function
  • Job seniority
  • Member schools
  • Fields of study
  • Degrees
  • Member skills
  • Member groups
  • Member gender
  • Member age
  • Years of experience

In addition to this targeting LinkedIn provides two options to extend your target audience. They are to advertise to matching audiences, and on LinkedIn publisher network.

Now it’s time for bidding. LinkedIn will enter default bidding prices for you depending on your targeting. However, the ability to change those bids is provided. So make sure to update those bids to your liking.

LinkedIn also provides start and end date options to your campaign. As well as a total budget to work within. Make sure you enter these value to avoid any overages.

Enter your payment details and click Start campaign.

Reporting and Monitoring in LinkedIn Advertising

Make sure to setup your regular website monitoring and reports to compare to the information LinkedIn provides.

However, unlike the other advertising channels I’ve discussed LinkedIn does not provide a conversion tracking pixel. So keeping a tally on conversions from your LinkedIn advertising will require your websites goal tracking.

LinkedIn does provide a unique piece of data and that’s Social actions. Social actions include all the actions performed on your sponsored post. So when a user shares the post, likes the post, or leaves a comment, would be included in the social actions. Understanding how people are interacting with your posts, helps you to develop better content by understanding what type of content results in the most social actions.

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