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Session 25: Twitter Ads – Advertising on Twitter

In session 25 of A Marketing Podcast, Part 6 of How to advertise your business online, I’m talking about Twitter Ads. I walk you through your options within the platform and setting up your first campaign.

Session 25: Twitter Ads – Advertising on Twitter

Welcome to Session 25, and Part 6 of the How to advertise your business online mini series.

Reviewing part 1 – 5 of the mini series:

  • Session 20 – Overview on how to advertise your business online
  • Session 21 – Search Engine Marketing
  • Session 22 – Display Advertising
  • Session 23 – Facebook Advertising
  • Session 24 – LinkedIn Advertising

In today’s session, session 25, we’re focusing on Twitter advertising in particular:

  • What’s LinkedIn all about?
  • Why choose LinkedIn advertising as part of your advertising mix?
  • Setting up a Company within LinkedIn
  • Different advertising options within LinkedIn
  • Your first campaign
  • Reporting and Monitoring

Why Twitter advertising might be right for your business?

Virtually any business/product/service can make use of twitter as a potential advertising platform or channel.

320 million active monthly users.

Twitter is the easiest way to see what’s going on in the world in real time, which is one of the platform’s major differentiators from the other networks

A great look at Social Channels Active Monthly Users

The user mindset within Twitter

Users are consuming large amounts of content at high speeds, so understanding that we need to get as many impressions as possible our advertising may require larger budgets or more refined targeting to get the impressions we need.

Different advertising options within Twitter

  • Tweet engagements(e.g., retweets, favorites, replies) – Reach more people and drive conversation
  • Website clicks or conversions – Send people to your site (to purchase, sign up, etc.)
  • App installs or app re-engagements – Get people to install or re-engage with your mobile app
  • Video views BETA – Get people to watch your videos using Twitter’s native video player.
  • Followers – Grow your community on Twitter
  • Leads on Twitter – Collect emails from people who express interest in your offer

Twitters Campaign Setup FAQs

Your First Campaign Setup

Once you’ve selected your desired objective it’s onto configuring your campaign.

Step 1: Campaign name and duration

Step 2: Selecting Your Audience

  • Location – Select Country, City, Town, or even post code
  • Gender – Pretty self explanatory
  • Languages – again, self  explanatory
  • Devices, platforms, and carriers – Select specific devices and carriers to target specifically by device
  • Keywords/Phrases – target users by keyword matching their previous searches, recently viewed tweets, engaged tweets matching keyword terms.
  • Followers – target specific followers, or your followers or even “look a like” followers.
  • Interests – Category matching by interest
  • Tailored Audiences – This is Twitter’s Re-marketing section. Upload your email list to match twitter users, or implement Twitters re-marketing list building of users to your website.
  • TV Targeting – Target by TV market, or even by specific show. There are also options to target by Networks or genres of shows.
  • Behaviors – Not available everywhere, but allows you to select specific behaviors to target users by.

Step 3: Where your ads appear

Choice between User’s Timeline, or Profile & Tweet Detail pages, or both.

Step 4: Campaign Budget

You must enter a daily budget, and have the option to enter a total budget for your campaign.

Step 5: Choosing Creative

This is the section that you select existing tweets , or create new ones to promote. Or, depending on the objective yous elected, specific content related to that objective. Twitter helps you understand what your options are and how to get them in place.

Step 6: Enter your credit card and click Launch!

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