Session 27: Getting Started in Marketing Automation | A Marketing Podcast

Session 27: Getting Started in Marketing Automation

In session 27 of A Marketing Podcast, we’re talking Marketing Automation. In particular getting started in marketing automation. My goal for this show was to help you understand if marketing automation is something for you and your business and how to get started with some basic automation processes.

Session 27: Getting Started in Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

The use of software and technology to aid marketers in delivering automated marketing through multiple channels.

Automated = less manual time required by marketers to manage and deliver marketing messages

Multiple Channels = delivering the right message through the right channel. Be it email, your website, social media, or even a phone call.

Some tools to help you perform marketing automation

Tools for all levels of marketing automation:

Email marketing tools:

Sophisticated automation tools:

What makes these tools sophisticated compared to the email platforms, is that they plug into, or interact with a CRM system (Client Relationship Management). In doing so they allow you to store information of new leads and also track the various steps taken by your leads and perform event driven actions. Such as firing off an email if the lead is moved into a new level of leads.

For example, the new lead completes a demo with a sales rep. The sales rep then moves the lead down the funnel and these systems will see that and fire off the “post demo” email.

Getting started in marketing automation – A couple examples

I walk the listeners through two of the A Marketing Podcast sequences and how they interact with each other and the automated marketing that occurs based on user interaction with those email sequences.

The process includes signing up for the 12 Page Strategy Template, promoting the 7 day crash course and handling the switch from the initial sequence into the 7 day sequence.

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