Session 29: Delivering value in content marketing | A Marketing Podcast

Session 29: Delivering value in content marketing

In session 29 of A Marketing Podcast, I focus on making sure that you’re delivering value in content marketing campaigns. It’s not about putting out lots of content, it’s about developing valuable content and distributing that content to your audience.

Session 29: Delivering value in content marketing

1. Know your audience!

I feel like I say this every podcast session…. In order to create the right type of content you must know your audience.

If you haven’t put in the time to truly understand your target audience check out Session 4: Understanding and developing you target audiences.

2. Understand the solution that your product or service provides

This one is huge, and most business owners default to talking about the features and comparing themselves to their competitors products/services in an effort to be perceived as better.

The problem is most people begin looking for a solution – not a feature. So making sure that your content positions the solution and the outcome that solution will provide before the features is extremely important.

You should always include the features so that potential customers can go through a checklist of things that your product/service will have. However, at this point of the discovery journey the identification of features is to ensure that the solutions being sold can be achieved.

3. Write to your audience

Many small business, and even some very big ones, are more focused on writing about themselves vs writing to inform their audience.

As a potential customer you don’t want to read an article about a product/service/company/etc that is clearly positioning the writer as the best thing on earth.  Write to be informative, once again on the solution, and not to tell your audience about what you think about yourself.

Your audience can learn more about your company by reading through about us pages, and news articles, and talking to friends that are a customer of yours. Your job in content marketing is to inform on the solution and solve a problem. Not tell the world how great you think you are.

4. Provide some takeaway value

In every piece of content that you write you should be providing value to the reader.  On top of that, the value you provide should be actionable by the reader right away.

Providing value in the digital content marketing sense is also an opportunity to develop leads through the application of inbound marketing. If you are providing the value to the reader, the decision to give their email to obtain that content shouldn’t be a tough decision to make. On top of that, you now have a lead to develop further.

5. Have faith in being educational

Not every customer is going to buy your product or service at first impression. In  fact most aren’t going to.

So have faith in being educational with your content, and work to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in order to develop long term customers and sales.

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