Session 3: Establishing goals and objectives | A Marketing Podcast

Session 3: Establishing goals and objectives

In session 3 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss how to establish marketing goals and objectives as part of your marketing strategy. I review the reasoning behind having both goals and objectives and how they differ from each other. I also provide some insight into how to build your goals and objectives to make them achievable and to achieve your business goals as well.

Session 3 Show Notes:

  • Brief review of session two and the process of marketing strategy development
  • Discussion on the difference between goals and objectives
    • A GOAL is measurable only by personal impression/gut feeling, or the completion of your objectives if you’ve created the right objectives.
    • An OBJECTIVE is measurable by numbers, and multiple objectives build the checklist you need to achieve your goals

Creating Goals

  • Always create your goals before your objectives
  • Shoot for 5 goals – but 3 will work
  • Make sure your goals a big and push your marketing, but are also achievable within the time period of your strategy
  • I mentioned that I like to divide goals up to relate to particular business areas, and used the following as examples:
    • Brand
    • Product/Service
    • Customers
    • Culture
    • Revenue
  • Examples of goals for each business area:
    • Brand: Establish our brand as a premium brand in the industry of X
    • Product/Service: establish product X as the primary revenue generator for my business
    • Customers: Increase resale value to current and future customers, increase up sells
    • Culture: Develop an event participation program for marketing opportunities
    • Revenue: Increase revenues in South East Asia
  • Make sure that your goals are big! But give yourself a chance to achieve them in the strategies period.
  • Remember to make your goals read like a story. They are not measurable by numbers.

Creating Objectives

  • Now that you have 5 goals (or maybe 3), let’s create objectives for each goal.
  • Depending on the size of the goal you will require at least two, and most likely more objectives to achieve each goal.
  • If your goal can be achieved by achieving one objective, guess what? It’s not a goal, it’s an objective, so go back and change it.
  • Make sure that your objectives align with your goals, and that achieving every objective within the goals group will achieve the goal.
  • If you start to produce objectives that do not fit within a current goals grouping, you may need to add a new goal or decide to push that objective into the next periods strategy.
  • Examples of some objectives:
    • let’s use our previous example: “Establish our brand as a premium brand in the industry of X”
    • Objectives would potentially include:
      • Achieve 1,000,000 impressions in online advertising without our core markets (New York city, Los Angeles)
      • Work with 5 influencers to post brand imagery and recommend our brand to their followers
      • attend/speak at 3 industry related events
      • Complete setup of all social channels currently in use to use new brand visual elements

Recap – Establishing goals and objectives

  • produce 3-5 goals
  • make them big, but attainable
  • make sure they align with business goals
  • produce objectives for each goal (make sure there is more than one)
  • make sure objectives a measurable by numbers
  • group objectives with each goal

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