Session 33: Awareness marketing - Not just impressions | A Marketing Podcast

Session 33: Awareness marketing – Not just impressions

In session 33 of A Marketing Podcast I talk about awareness marketing and how it’s more than just paying for impressions. I touch on the differences between brand awareness and issue awareness, as well as some thoughts on getting the most out of your awareness marketing to drive true awareness.

Session 33: Awareness marketing – Not just impressions

The different types of awareness marketing

I discuss the difference between the two main ways awareness marketing is used. Which is for brand awareness and for awareness of issues. An example being Breast Cancers pink color placement on various products and sports athletes to bring awareness to the issue.

It shouldn’t start and stop with impressions

Many marketers, and agencies, deliver awareness marketing by delivering as many impressions as possible. Now it’s not wrong to deliver as many impressions as possible, but the issue lies in impressions being the start and stop of the marketing success criteria.

I believe that engagement drives more awareness the impressions alone. Just think when you interact with a brand, or a brand interacts with you, your more likely to remember the brand and have that affect your future purchases.

Awareness marketing for small business

As a small  business, or small business marketer, performing the generic impression based awareness marketing doesn’t make sense. You’re likely working with pretty tight  budgets and are unable to pay for impressions.

My recommendation is to drive brand awareness through performing good marketing. The type of marketing that drives engagement or actions to develop real awareness of your brand.

Understanding that the first step in your marketing should always be awareness marketing. If you’re targeting new consumers with your advertising/marketing you should be delivering your brands visual elements, and tone anyway.

A real world awareness marketing example

I discuss the direction taken in my last marketing role. Focused on labor unions, public service workers specifically, and how the awareness marketing campaigns were performed and measured.

Research to help measuring awareness

In order to understand how effective your awareness marketing is, you need to perform research within the geographical regions that your marketing will be viewed.

In the show I talk about how to perform that research and a couple items to keep in mind so that your research can identify the level of awareness and by how much it is increased.

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