Session 37: 2016 Year in Review, and the 2017 plan | A Marketing Podcast

Session 37: 2016 Year in Review, and the 2017 plan

In session 37 of A Marketing Podcast, I give you a quick review of the year of 2016. I also talk about the plan for 2017 and what I have in store for you all.

2016 Review

Thank you to everyone who tuned into the podcast! You’re the reason for the show and I sincerely hope you’re getting the value you expect and have been able to implement a few things from the show.

The Show launched on March 31st, with the release of Session 1, 2 & 3.

A Marketing Podcast achieved 10,000 Downloads on October 7th, and sits at 14,250 as of recording.

I share to show you how the podcast is progressing and to segway into what A Marketing Podcast will be all about in 2017….

So what is the show going to be all about in 2017….

What’s in store for 2017

Still focusing on Marketing Strategy

I’m still going to focus on Marketing strategy for small business, but I’m going to work to deliver many more interviews and references to current and timely examples of marketing strategy to demonstrate how the implementation of solid strategy achieves success.

Monthly Topics and themes

The show will be themed based on a monthly basis. Meaning each month in 2017 will focus on a specific marketing topic. The final topics are still in development and I’ll share those as soon as they are finalized through the community newsletter. If you haven’t joined the email list for the AMP community you can do so at

If you have a particular topic or theme you’d like to hear on the show let me know through the Ask Matt section of the website.

Same structure, but with more interviews and some marketing news

The structure of the shows will remain largely intact, but with more interviews and themes. Potentially more news as it relates to the monthly topic.

That’s all for 2016

Now that you know what your info in 2017, it’s time for the final announcement today, and that is that I’ll be taking a small hiatus until the new year.

With the festive season, busy times at work, and the launch of my first SAAS application – The CRM for podcasters, I don’t have the time to put together the three remaining shows for 2016. But I’ll be back and releasing the first show for 2017 on January 2 or 3.

As I mentioned earlier I’ll be sending out next year’s themes and topics in the next week or so to those in the AMP community and we’ll be in touch in 2017.

Merry Christmas everyone, may your time be spent with family and provide you with some time to reflect on all the good things in life. And we’ll get back to marketing in a huge way in early Jan.

Until then, bye for now!

Thanks for listening in!

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