Session 4: Understanding and developing your target audiences | A Marketing Podcast

Session 4: Understanding and developing your target audiences

In session 4 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss developing your target audiences as part of your marketing strategy and how to build out each audience to help you develop your marketing mix later in the strategy. I help you understand how many audiences to develop and what factors determine if you should develop a potential audience or not.

Session 4 Show Notes:

Recap of Previous Sessions (related to strategy development):

  • Session 2 – What a marketing strategy is and why you need one
  • Session 3 – Establishing goals and objectives and how they are different and work together

You have more than one target audience!

  • Every business I’ve worked with has had more than one target audience.
  • I try to find one, but as you can see even a shaving razor company has multiple target audiences
  • The example was:
    • Clearly for men who like to shave -bearded guys need not apply
    • However, wouldn’t it be a cool present from a girlfriend or wife to their significant other? And therein lies the other audience we need to develop
    • shavers 

Make sure to consider if additional target audiences are viable for marketing within your strategies period

It’s not about developing as many target audiences as you can, it’s about identifying your target audiences that pose a real potential to be marketed to.

Identifying your target audiences

I like to start with these two categories to develop audiences for my strategies.

  • Current Customers
    • First off look at your current customers
    • But don’t just look at their customer records, call them, survey them, talk to them, see where they hang out and what made them choose your product or service
  • Potential Customers
    • Brainstorm on customers that you may not have yet but could benefit from your product.
    • Create a list of potential customers and keep the ones that you feel are viable for marketing efforts within this strategic period
    • Don’t get rid of the audiences that didn’t make the cut this time round, they may be valuable at a later date.

As a side note, understanding your target audiences by product or service may help you develop additional audiences or clarify some that you’ve already considered.

Developing your target audiences – the details

  • Give the audience a name
      • something like “Middle age dudes”
      • Or female teenyboppers
  • Description
      • age range,
      • Sex
      • Hobbies
      • Professions
      • Summary of the audience will work as well – my examples for A Marketing Podcast use more summary then demographic.
      • Example for “Middle age dudes” – 45-55 year old males who shave and typically have white collar jobs in suburban areas
  • Where are they
      • Where you can reach this audience with your marketing efforts
      • The more intimate you can be with the location and channel the more chance you have to convert
  • Messaging for this audience
    • Develop the general tone and speech to use for this audience
    • You are not developing copy to place in your marketing design right now, just figuring out the way to talk to this audience from a personal feeling point of view
    • Remember your brand’s voice when developing this detail as that should come through regardless of how your audience would prefer to be communicated to
      • Meaning if your brand is a little cheeky then include that for each audience
      • For example one of audience is 20,30,40 year old men. Talking to them means being direct and informative whilst still keeping a cutting edge tone. But if your brand is cheeky then maybe it’s a little old spice-ish in tone.
      • Hec even write that down – “talk to these people like old spice talks to their audience”
    • This is really to help you understand your target audiences better and come back to them during your marketing if you’re getting stuck on some copy writing for example.

A Marketing Podcast audience examples:

Audience #1 – The small business Owner

Description: Owners of small business who are responsible for the marketing of their owner business. The type of small business doesn’t matter, as long as they are solely responsible for marketing of their business. Any age from 19-60, male or female, hard working folks.

Where are they: Conventions, tradeshows, linkedIn and twitter, local chamber of commerce events, tied to their office chairs,

Messaging for this audience: Be direct, provide value proposition quickly, help understand complex items in simple terms, provide way to get more information when convenient for them, may require more touch points than others as they are heads down workers

Audience #2 – Small business marketer “the Freelancer”

Description: totally mobile and fast paced, stopping only to perform production tasks. They will be constantly developing their knowledge of their craft whilst having to juggle the development of their own business. 25-45, live on a laptop, enjoy their personal time and space more than others. Likely at industry related events as a social outing.  

Where are they: On blogs, social media, and in coffee shops or co-working spaces

Messaging for this audience: Cutting edge yet value adding, always provide a way for them to establish ways to make money from your ideas, always relate to efficiency where possible, and able to communicate at unique times by virtue of not being in an office from 9-5.

Next Session – Session 5

  • Section 4 the marketing swot or marketing audit
  • Will help you identify where you will be able to best spend your marketing time and money to produce the best results

Addons for the session:

Here’s a couple of things I didn’t mention in the show that you should keep in mind:

  • It’s ok to add audiences
    • Throughout your strategies execution period you’ll identify new audiences as you market. It’s ok to add them to your strategy but make sure you dissect the new audiences as you have your original ones.

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