Session 8: Tactical and Campaign Planning | A Marketing Podcast

Session 8: Tactical and Campaign Planning

In session 8 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss tactical and campaign planning and strategies as part of your marketing strategy. This is the section of your marketing strategy to provide further guideline to the execution of your marketing mix and the tactics within it. I walk through some basic social, email, website, and content marketing strategies.

Session 8: Show Notes

Recap of Previous Sessions (related to strategy development):

What this section of the strategy is for

To help further plan your tactical and campaign executions now that we’ve developed our marketing mix.

I break it down into two types of planning tactical strategies and campaign plans.

An example of an ongoing tactic would be a social media strategy.

The 5 Essential strategies for Small business

  • Marketing Strategy – The big one (so need to cover it)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Website strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy

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Social Media Strategy

I like to use a social media strategy to focus on the development of my community within each channel. As opposed to including things like social content marketing, or advertising in social to drive website traffic. These types of social marketing belong in content strategies or website strategies (in my mind).

Things to consider:

  • Which channel/s to target (make sure your desired audience is there)
  • What kind of content we need for that channel (how to talk our audience, specific type of content)
  • An editorial or content distribution calendar
  • Timing and volume of content distribution
  • Divisions of content (internal divisions, by product service, etc)

Email Marketing Strategy

I like to break my email marketing strategy into two pieces:

  1. Email list building
  2. Marketing to your list

List building:

  • Strategies on how you plan to build your list
  • Check out Brian Harris of for some great list building ideas – find one of his webinars that are full of value.

Marketing to your list:

  • Ways to market and communicate with general email list subscribers
  • I talk about the AMP community list and marketing around it.

Website Strategy

Your website will play a role in other tactical strategies but I feel it still deserves its own strategy and plan.

It can include things like:

  • Functional improvements (may cross over into IT but if you don’t have IT department it needs to live under marketing strategy)
    • I’m referring to lead gen tool development, or functionality that improves user experience to drive more lead generation.
  • If it’s time for a redesign – it lives in this strategy and so does some communication and maybe marketing around the new design

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is no small feat. There are many different elements and ways to do content marketing. Here’s some examples I mention in the show:

  • Online Inbound marketing (Landing pages, paid media driving traffic, email marketing to conversions, online/offline follow-up to leads generated through inbound
  • Webinars (video) and public speaking (presentations)
  • Community communications/newsletters – we need content for that on a regular basis
  • Case studies for your website and/or trade shows
  • Sales collateral (we need content for that and a way to distribute (trade shows, direct mail, flyers, in store, etc)

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