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Successful loyalty loop: Consumer journey

Successful loyalty loop: Consumer journey

The loyalty loop is the sweet spot in the consumer decision journey. It’s the phase that occurs after you’ve obtained a new customer. A paying customer. But just because you’ve made a sale doesn’t mean you should stop marketing to your new customer, and it definitely doesn’t mean all your work is done in regards to future sales from that customer. This is where a successful loyalty loop comes into play.

Getting to the loyalty loop

Before you can focus on developing a successful loyalty loop, you must first achieve a sale by developing a new customer.

This means that you need to develop awareness, and help your potential customer complete the active evaluation phase to become a paid customer.

For more information on the consumer decision journey, and to fully understand where the loyalty loop lays in that process have a listen to Session 15: Customer Journey Mapping and Omni Channel Marketing.

Messaging and branding before the sale

You’ve likely provided content, certain messaging, and delivered your branding to help your new customer make a purchase with you. It’s important to continue that messaging and branding, even after the sale has been achieved.


Well the big thing about a successful loyalty loop, both building it, and maintaining it, is that you’re genuine and deliver on your promises once you’ve achieved it. Therefor, continuing the same messaging and branding to your new customer is crucial in maintaining the level of loyalty that you’ve worked hard to achieve.

The beauty of the loyalty loop

The reason why you should focus on the loyalty loop, and the true beauty of it, is that you have a customer that no longer needs to go through the “Active evaluation” phase again, as they know you and trust you.

At least that’s the the theory. Its up to you to make sure that your customer doesn’t go out and look for new solutions from other businesses. So how do you do that?

Tactical approach to the loyalty loop

Think of the loyalty loop as the customer support loop. Your job is to make sure your new customer is as happy as can be.

Tactically speaking, provide ways for your customers to get support from you without having to go through too many steps or take to long.

You should also market to your current customers differently than potential customers. Some tactical strategies to apply include:

  • email marketing  – support sequences
  • special customer only offers
  • build a community and communicate regularly

What a successful loyalty loop looks like

It’s a common mistake to get a sale and neglect the customer and get right back into developing new customers by advertising and marketing to help generate new leads.

However, the customer you just obtained is the most valuable customer their is. They are primed to be nurtured and generate additional sales. Not only that if you do it right, these customers will tell their friends and you’ll be generating new leads without having to spend money on advertising of marketing to new potential customers.

So don’t underestimate the loyalty loop and the potential new customers and sales that come from delivering a great experience to your new customer. If you can focus on these elements than you will have achieved a successful loyalty loop.

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