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Welcome to A Marketing Podcast, where it’s all about Marketing Strategy for small business marketers.

If this is your first visit, I’d recommend listening to Session #1 – Welcome to the show to get an overview of what A Marketing Podcast all about.

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Session 39: Digital Marketing Setup – Setting up Google Analytics

In session 39 of A Marketing Podcast I walk through setting up Google analytics and claiming your Google business as part of your marketing platform setup. Ensuring that you can monitor and review your website’s traffic and interactions with various content and campaigns is imperative in understanding how your marketing is performing throughout the year.

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Session 36: 2017 Marketing Strategy Development

In session 36 of A Marketing Podcast, I’m talking about 2017 Marketing Strategy Development. It’s that time of year to get your strategy developed and ready for the new year. In this session, I walk through the strategy template I’ve developed and outlined some of the tricks and tips to help you fill out each section and develop a strategy that’s going to make it easy to be successful in your marketing.
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Session 34: A Customer Marketing Discussion

In session 34 of A Marketing Podcast I talk Customer Marketing Overview. I go over when customer marketing kicks in and things to consider to deliver the right message to your current customers in order to achieve up-sells and additional revenue from your current customers.

There’s a way to perform customer marketing that doesn’t seem like a heavy sales approach to up-sells at the point that they make their initial purchase from you. In this show I discuss how to a chive this in a way that not only gets more revenue but does so in a way that build loyalty and retention.
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Session 32: The Power of a CRM in Marketing

In session 32 of A Marketing Podcast I talk about the power of a CRM tool in your marketing. I cover what a CRM is and how to sue it help develop marketing insight and even how to use it as part of your marketing automation process.

As with almost every session of the show I touch on the importance of knowing your target audience in marketing, and the CRM is a great tool for helping you do just that.
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Session 31: Happy Thanksgiving (Canadian Edition)

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada! So naturally I was laid out on the couch full of turkey and didn’t get to putting together a full session for you to listen too. Sometimes you simply need to lay back and hang out with your family, so that’s what I did.

Next week though, I’ve picked the topic and it’s the Power of a good CRM in your marketing. So I’ll go over what to collect in your CRM, how it can be used in your marketing, and a couple systems for different levels and types of business that might be worth implementing if you don’t currently have a solution in place.
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Session 30: Micro-moments marketing for small business

In session 30 of A Marketing Podcast, I’m talking about micro-moments marketing and how to execute marketing that focuses on converting consumers in the micro-moments they have every day. By the end of this session you’ll understand what a micro-moment is and how to market in a way that gives you the best chance possible to convert consumers during their micro-moments into customers of your businesses products or services.
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Session 26: What is Remarketing?

In session 26 of A Marketing Podcast, it’s time to talk about what is ReMarketing. I get into the strategic approach to ReMarketing and the different ways to apply remarketing strategically. I also discuss what it takes to setup remarketing and how to use your remarketing lists withing your advertising campaigns.

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Session 22: Display advertising 101

In session 22 of A Marketing Podcast, Part 3 of How to advertise your business online, we’re going to focus on Display advertising 101. From the things to consider before you setup your display advertising campaigns, to the actual setup of a campaign, and some of the things to consider along the way.

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Session 21: Search Engine Marketing

In session 21 of A Marketing Podcast we’re on to Part 2 of How to advertise your business online. We’re going to focus on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in today’s session. From setup to configuration and management. I had the pleasure of having a friend of mine, Troy Meier, on the show to help explain everything about SEM. Enjoy!

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Session 19: A chat with Jonathan Lacoste of

In session 19 of A Marketing Podcast I chat with Jonathan Lacoste of In the interview we discuss micro-moments, interactive content, developing customer insights, marketing automation, as well as how Jebbit puts this all together in one place for you to produce a cohesive, finely tuned marketing machine. Jonathan provides a ton of value to help you develop better content and think about your customers and what they want, and even expect, from you as a marketer.
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Session 16: Starting social media for small business

In session 16 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss starting social media for small business. How to get started, some of the basic strategy behind your social media, hint it’s about community. I also talk abut what you need to have in place before you get started with a social media strategy and what your daily social media routine should include.
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Session 15: Customer Journey Mapping and Omni Channel Marketing

In session 15 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss what customer journey mapping and Omni channel marketing is all about. First I dig into two methods to understanding the shopper journey, and then how to develop the journey for your specific audience. Thew I quickly explain what Omni Channel Marketing is and how I believe it differs from multi channel marketing. As well I provide two examples of great Omni channel marketing executions by a couple of well known companies.
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Session 13: What is content marketing?

In session 13 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss what content marketing is and how you can get started. I also review 8 different types of content marketing and what they are used to achieve. I go into depth on the 8 different types of content marketing that I decided to focus on. Including some insight into webinars and podcasts, and reasoning behind inbound campaigns.
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Session 12: What is email marketing

In session 12 of A Marketing Podcast I talk all about email marketing strategy. I go over the objectives that any email marketing strategy should work to achieve, and review 6 email marketing strategies that you can implement for your small business. I talk about the ins and outs of each strategy and some things to keep in mind when developing those strategies.
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Session 10: Executing your marketing strategy

In session 10 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss how to write your executive summary as well as how to execute your strategy now that we’ve put in all the work to develop it! The execution includes the setup, the monitoring and adjusting, and the measurement of success. I also release my new strategy development crash course.
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Session 8: Tactical and Campaign Planning

In session 8 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss tactical and campaign planning and strategies as part of your marketing strategy. This is the section of your marketing strategy to provide further guideline to the execution of your marketing mix and the tactics within it. I walk through some basic social, email, website, and content marketing strategies.
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Session 7: Developing a marketing mix

In session 7 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss the development of a marketing mix as part of your marketing strategy. The marketing mix is the biggest and most complex part of your strategy. In this session I break down the development into three simple steps and identify some things to keep in mind as you validate your mix.
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Session 6: Creating your unique selling proposition

In session 6 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss what a USP or Unique Selling Proposition is and why you need one. I walk you through creating your unique selling proposition and 3 simple questions you need to answer. As well, I demonstrate with A Marketing Podcasts’ USP, how I developed it and the final version that I use on the site and in all my marketing messaging.
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Session 3: Establishing goals and objectives

In session 3 of A Marketing Podcast I discuss how to establish marketing goals and objectives as part of your marketing strategy. I review the reasoning behind having both goals and objectives and how they differ from each other. I also provide some insight into how to build your goals and objectives to make them achievable and to achieve your business goals as well. View Show Notes

Session 1: Welcome to the show

In session 1 of A Marketing Podcast I go over what the show is all about and who will get the most out of it. I also provide insight into my career in marketing, from Brisbane Australia to Calgary Alberta, and I review the website so you know where everything is. View Show Notes