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Things to consider before advertising online

Things to consider before advertising online

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website using online advertising? If so, there are certain things you should consider before you spend a cent. Here is 5 things to consider before advertising online that will maximize your spend and the outcomes on your website.

Audience & targeting

The easiest way to maximize your advertising spend is to understand your audience, and how to target them online.

In session 4 of the podcast, I help you develop your business’ audiences. Part of this process is understanding where your audience is online and what characteristics they have. By completing that process you will have developed the required targeting for your advertising campaigns.

Cohesive messaging

The best way to maximize the results of your advertising campaigns and the resulting website traffic, is to deliver on the promise you make in your advertising. This means developing messaging on your website that relates to the advertising.

Typically, advertising supports inbound marketing, promotions, or awareness campaigns which requires that you have developed content prior to beginning your advertising. In session 14 I talk all about digital inbound marketing and developing a connection between your content and your advertising.

Website traffic baseline

In order to measure the ROI from your advertising campaign one of the things you can do is create a baseline report of your website traffic and usage before you start advertising. A simple Google Analytics report of the previous periods traffic will provide a great comparison. So if you’re planning on advertising for a month, create a report from the month prior.

Re-Marketing setup

Even if you’re not going to make use of re-marketing in your advertising, you should still setup the required tracking on your website to start building your re-marketing lists. Why? Because the next time you go to advertise you’ll have a list of website visitors to target.

Conversion tracking

This one should go without saying, but conversion tracking should be setup on your website before you start advertising.

Depending on the goal for your new web traffic, conversion tracking can be as simple as setting up a goal in google analytics. Or as complex as implementing tracking pixels and setting up multi-step actions.

What’s most important is that you can determine the cost of a conversion. Whether it’s a form submission, or a purchase, you should be able to calculate the cost of a conversion.

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All the things to consider before advertising online

There are many more things to consider before advertising online, however making sure to address the above will cover the basics and provide a way to measure your advertising outcomes and maximize your spend.

The next step is to setup your campaign and continually monitor and adjust throughout your campaigns.

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